Tatiana K (@tupb) • Instagram photos and videos 2015-11-13 16-21-00Hi.

My name is Tatiana.

I was born in Moscow, USSR something over 30 years ago. Or I must say that I was born the country that does not exist anymore as it represents my life much better.

These days I live in the German capital.

When I was a child I was obsessed with books about adventures and exploration. Mayne Reid, Stevenson and Jules Verne powered my imagination. But being raised in Russia in 90s, I could not see much of the world.

Not surprisingly so, ever since I got my first job I spend all my money on plane tickets, shitty hotels, camping equipment, gasoline and bikes.

In this blog I try to share my experiences, thoughts and impressions.

Cycle touring is my biggest passion in life, but I also do occasional hiking or motorcycle riding. Unfortunately I can’t just quit my job and go roaming the world, but I try to get the best out of my free time.

I’ve cycled  thousands of kilometers through the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Poland and Germany.
I rode rode the motorbike across the USA, Vietnam, Sri Lanka,  Thailand, Philippines. Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland.

Some time ago I started to write in English. Unfortunately I can’t say my English skills are any good for writing, sorry about that guys. As people told me it’s still much better than google translate. Probably most of the content here is in Russian.


If you are just interested in pictures go just check out my flickr account here.


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